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General Travel Advice

General travel advice is prepared and published on a range of travel topics. The advice shared is designed to help travellers be informed and prepared before they go, as well as assist whilst travelling abroad.

Discover more about general travel advice before you go, while you are away and what to do when overseas and things go wrong in this article.

Before you go

  • Research the health situation and services available for your destination’s entry requirements and any local restrictions on movement, events and gatherings.

  • Understand the basics of the political and security situation.

  • Familiarise yourself with the destination, including:

    • any dangerous areas of a city

    • types of crimes

    • risky modes of transport

    • specific precautions for women or LGBTI travellers

    • any behaviour that may offend or break the law.

  • Check your travel insurance policy and coverage, particularly if there is a travel disruption or a change in travel advice.

While you are away

  • Do not stand out - dress inconspicuously and avoid displaying jewellery or valuables such as laptop computers or cameras.

  • Carry cash in more than one pocket, and keep a small amount in a top pocket to hand over to a criminal who confronts you.

    • A dummy wallet with a small amount of local currency, an expired credit card and some useless receipts can be useful to satisfy a mugger.

  • If you suspect that you are being followed, enter any busy public place and call for help.

  • Maintain good hygiene and physical distancing when interacting with other people.

  • Stay in contact with your travel provider or airline operator(s) for changes and updates.

  • Be aware of religious holidays or days of national significance. Terrorists have launched attacks on these occasions. While it may not be complete, Calendar Labs' listing provides guidance.

  • Understand the safety of public transport options. Additionally, ensure the ride-sharing service(s) being used are legal at your destination.

  • Plan your daily movements and vary your routines and travel routes.

  • Avoid known flashpoints, including protest areas and do not wander into unknown areas.

  • Avoid or minimise your time at places that terrorists may target.

  • Leave an area at the first sign of unrest or if you feel uneasy.

  • Be aware of building exits and always know the safe places you can access if you feel threatened.

  • Take notice of the people around you and their behaviour. Be aware that you may misinterpret some behaviour in an unfamiliar cultural setting.

  • When discussing your plans, avoid sharing details that others may overhear.

  • Be cautious about the information you share on social media.

When things go wrong overseas

Most travellers do not have health, safety or other problems whilst travelling overseas. However, sometimes things do not go as planned.

Arriving Soon

Traveller Health & Wellbeing


All travel advice presented by Kudos Travel Technology (Kudos) has been prepared for general information purposes only. While we endeavour to provide up-to-date and accurate advice, no person should act, fail to act, or otherwise rely on the basis of its content. It is not intended to be relied on as a substitute for expert advice by government authorities, travel risk management experts and medical professionals.

If your company has policies on these specific topics, they always take precedence over the general advice provided by Kudos.

Medical information should be discussed with one's treating doctor, before making any decisions or taking any action. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider within your country regarding any medical condition you may have. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking advice because of something one may have read on this site.

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