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Accessing Zeus

User Access Levels: (tick) Traveller | (tick) Travel Arranger (TA) | (tick) Travel Manager (TM) | (error) Travel Account Manager (TAM)

To access Zeus, simply click on the chat icon situated in the lower right-hand corner of the Dashboard.~

~ Zeus requires the travel platform’s Product Feature known as “Chat > Converstaion platform” to activated.

Zeus Conversations

A new conversation can be initiated by choosing the "Start New Conversation" option located in the chat window. Alternatively, you can access a previous conversation by selecting the desired one.


Zeus conversation topics, also known as suggestion chips, are presented as options, providing ideas for what could be of interest or essential in the conversation.

Unless a specific date or time frame is mentioned, the assumption is that the current date, which is today's date, is implied.


Entering text into the "Type your message…" input area will trigger a text-based conversation with Zeus.

Responses will be shown, and depending on the response, there may be a need for further information or opportunities for follow-up actions.

Voice (Spoken)

By tapping the microphone icon found in the same input area, you can begin a spoken conversation with Zeus.^

Just like text conversations, responses will be shown, and based on the response, there may be a need for more information or opportunities for follow-up actions.

^ To engage in voice conversations with Zeus, it is essential to enable the device's microphone.

Close (Minimise) Zeus

Closing or minimizing Zeus is as simple as clicking the 'x' icon in the header or below the chat window.

Ongoing and past conversations will be saved for future reference if needed.

🗨️ To learn more about Zeus, including "Conversation Starters," you can explore the following articles.

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