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When enabled, Zeus, the travel platform's chat feature, is created to serve as a companion throughout all phases of your journey: before, during, and after.

Zeus is connected to a range of data sources and services, which are amalgamated and presented through an intuitive User Interface (UI) that can be accessed via Natural Language (NL) interactions.

  • Although NL is proficient at comprehending written forms of communication, the verbal form of communication represents the next evolution in human-computer interaction.

Google Assistant and Apple Siri are prime examples of chatbots that employ NL to interpret and respond to user queries. Their widespread adoption and increasing popularity stem from their user-friendly nature and their capacity to provide relevant information and answers to a variety of questions.

How do Chatbots Work?

Chatbots operate by initially converting voice input to text through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or directly analysing text input. They then analyse the text, discern user intent, and formulate an appropriate response, considering predefined responses or machine learning algorithms. Responses are delivered in various forms, such as written text, verbal responses via Text-to-Speech (TTS), or task completion. These AI systems grapple with the challenge of understanding nuanced human communication and rely on natural language principles, including NLP and machine learning, to improve their comprehension and interaction abilities.

Zeus harnesses the capabilities of Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) to streamline the user experience within the travel platform. It offers convenient access to traveller profiles, itineraries, up-to-the-minute travel advisories and alerts, along with details regarding unused tickets (credits).

Zeus facilitates seamless interactions with users, supporting both spoken (voice) and text-based communication in the English language.

Data Sources

Below is a simplified representation of the data and process flow within the travel platform and Zeus:

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