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Zeus Troubleshooting

From time to time, Zeus may encounter difficulties in understanding what is being requested or asked.

Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows self-learning to comprehend human language.
Zeus' efficiency, accuracy and overall intelligence will increase over time with the number of conversations and unique situations presented.

Examples of Zeus' responses if a query is unable to be handled. Suggested actions have been included to help overcome the situation and obtain the answers or information required.

(info) If Try Again is presented, select this initially to avoid re-typing the query to Zeus. It may be necessary however to re-type the request in a more simplified English. A single query containing multiple (concatenated) questions or requests for information is recommended to be split and submitted separately.

  • Re-type the initial request and resend it to Zeus before considering other options to obtain the answers or information required.

  • Zeus only allows access to bookings, profiles etc. based on the access level (permissions) and delegated travellers of the user making the request.

  • The requested location may be too specific (e.g. suburb instead of a city) or may be known by another more common name (e.g. Ivory Coast in lieu of Côte d'Ivoire).

  • Zeus is only able to provide access to travel platform features that have been enabled.

Still Learning…

While Zeus continues to learn, the following discussion areas are currently not handled. This could be due to the data required to handle the query not being currently available (e.g. weather), or something that is not directly handled within the travel platform (e.g. change of flight).

What is the availability of … (flight/hotel/car) on … (date)?

Please change my … (flight/hotel/car) currently booked on … (date).

What is the weather in … (city)?

What is the capital of … (country)?

What is the currency of … (country)?

How safe is the location of my …. (hotel)?

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