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Accessing Credits

User Access Levels: (tick) Traveller | (tick) Travel Arranger (TA) | (tick) Travel Manager (TM) | (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM)

Credits can be accessed via available options on the Dashboard.

A Travel Arranger and Travel Manager will have access to Credits of delegated travellers as well as any belonging to themself.

User Access Levels: (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM) can additionally use the Credits Navigation Panel option to access this feature of the travel platform.

View - Grid/Table

Search results can be displayed in the Grid or Table view by using the toggle options provided.


  • Access Credits via one of the aforementioned options.

  • Results will be displayed (sorted by Expiry Date) of profiles authorised to be viewed.

Specific Search

Expanding the Search option, allows use of criteria to perform a specific search of Credits, if required (e.g. airline).

Once finalised, select Search.

  • Credits matching the search criteria specified will be shown, as seen in the following example.

Expiry Date Alerts/Notifications

Credits that are due to expire within the next month will be presented with an alert/notification, as seen in the following examples.

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