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User Access Levels: (tick) Traveller | (tick) Travel Arranger (TA) | (tick) Travel Manager (TM) | (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM)

The Dashboard presented at login to the platform is a type of graphical user interface (GUI) that is designed to provide at-a-glance, views of information relevant to the user.

The dashboard can have as many as seven (7) dynamic widgets configured to enable a user to perform a function or access information. The dynamic widgets available in the travel platform are designed to deliver an enhanced user experience (UX) by providing a greater level of control and convenience to an agency and its customers.

What is a widget?

A widget is an element of a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays information or provides a specific way for a user to interact with the system or an application.

Kudos Administration user(s) of the agency are able to customise the default widget layouts across all user access levels. This ensures users automatically receive the optimal user experience (UX) when they next log in.

  • Users still have complete control over how they choose to configure their dashboard with all widgets available in both small and wide formats, along with additional layout features allowing for levels of creativity.

Dashboard Widget Control

The ability to control dashboards widgets based on the following is available:

  • Product to which the widget belongs
    e.g. Traveller Tracking widget only appears if Care is enabled

  • Travel Agency configuration
    e.g. “Agency AU” has a different widget configuration to “Agency NZ”

  • User Access Level and Type
    i.e. Traveller (TR), Travel Arranger (TA), Travel Manager (TM) and Travel Account Manager (TAM)

Widget Layout & Design

The dashboard can be personalised by selecting a predefined layout in the Widget setup by selecting the Widget Settings icon.

Changing the layout will automatically rearrange any existing widgets into the optimal configuration while still allowing the freedom to drag and drop widgets anywhere desired.

Once you Save a new layout configuration, the dashboard will update immediately and be saved to your user profile and will be applied as well the next at the next login

3 Columns (30% 30% 30%)

2 Columns (68% 30%)

2 Columns (30% 68%)

2 Columns (48% 48%)

Widget Setup

This panel provides a view of managing one's dashboard widgets.

Active Widgets

The existing dashboard layout will be visible at the top of the Widget Setup panel and contain the active widgets. It allows being rearranged in the preferred configuration by either dragging widgets into new positions by using the drag icon or by adding widgets as tabs in the main dashboard widget.

Inactive Widgets

Inactive widgets will appear at the bottom of the Widget Setup panel. Any widget not currently positioned on the active dashboard along with any new widgets that are added to the system based on user access level.

Within Widget Setup, Active and Inactive widgets can be moved around by hovering the mouse cursor over the desired widget until the Navigation icon is shown.

To use this feature, drag and drop to the widget placeholder indicated by a lighter-coloured box with a dotted border, as shown in the following example. When this appears, releasing the ‘drag’ will ‘drop’ the widget into the new position.

Selecting Save in the Widget Setup will save any changes immediately to your user profile.

Only tabs can be added to the widget titled Dashboard. Any widget can be displayed in tabbed mode with the first item listed to be displayed initially as the opened (active) tab.

Rearrange Widgets

To customise the dashboard configuration, all widgets (tiles) on the dashboard will display 2 icons in the top right corner when you hover the mouse cursor. This feature has been designed to allow for quick dashboard rearrangements without having to open the Widget Settings panel.

To use this feature, drag and drop the widget placeholder indicated by a lighter-coloured box with a dotted border, as shown in the following example.

When this appears, releasing the ‘drag’ will ‘drop’ the widget into the new position and it will be saved immediately to your user profile.

Dashboard widget

The Dashboard widget within the Widget Setup allows an Add Tabbed Widget option

Once the desired widget is selected from the droplist, select Add.

The widgets will be ordered in the Dashboard widget in the order they are listed.

Types of Widgets



Traveller Tracking

A visual map of the current location of travellers with real-time risk assessment at both the country and city level through our innovative risk markers.

Upcoming Trips

Simple access for a traveller to view all their current and future trips.

Provides travel alerts, highlighting warnings related to itinerary destinations.

Single consolidated view of trips regardless whether it was booked Online or Offline.

Platfrom users with designated travellers (e.g. travel arranger) will be able to view trips of all such travellers, as well as their own.

Ticket Credits

Visibility to unused e-tickets (credits) with alerts as expiry approaches.

Travel Check

Allows a high-level Check to be performed for the trip destination as well as transit points by traveller or Nationality, if enabled.

Where can I travel? (Covid)

This widget provides travel and border restriction information for many countries globally. DISCONTINUED - 31AUG23


This widget provides access to CO2e emissions with Industry Benchmarking to help individuals and the broader community of platform users make mindful decisions in reducing CO2e when travelling.


Customised RSS news feed from either the agency or specific to the company allows for further personalization of the dashboard.

  • The information display within the widget is the same available via the News Navigation Panel option.


Platform tips and information to help with the user experience.

My Notifications

Information related to the impending expiration of Credit Card, Passport and Visas contained in ones profile.

! Only agencies sending booking data (e.g. PNR) to the travel platform via an approved API service will have the Sustainability Widget enabled and CO2e calculations performed. An agency that does not currently provide booking data via such methods is unable to benefit from any of the travel platform’s Sustainable Travel initiatives.

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