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5.1 Release Notes

Released 01 October 2020

A minor release with UI enhancements, five (5) additional language translations and significant changes to Kudos Administration.

Release Highlights





Profile Notifications



Known As included in Profile display list



Five (5) additional language translations



Platform Administration ENHANCED

  • Site Selector

  • File Upload

  • Company Branding

  • Message History (TAM)


Profile Notifications

The Travel Platform’s existing profile notifications for passports, visas and credit cards have been enhanced to now provide a clear visual distinction between items that are Expired (red) versus Expiring (yellow).

A profile containing expired and expiring soon items will present the Expired (red) visual distinction as the top-level indicator, as shown in the following example.

When each item is able to be shown, the specific Expired and Expiring visual distinction will be presented, as shown in the following examples.

Profile Display - Known As

The Profile’s Known As field is now included in the profile list display, as shown in the following examples. This enhancement is particularly useful in accommodating profiles (e.g. travellers) that require the inclusion of a non-English name or identifier.

Language Translations

The Travel Platform’s 5.0 Release with Internationalisation, included the Japanese language. This release now includes an additional five (5) language translations of Russian, Chinese, Korean, French and Thai, across the entire Travel Platform.

^ German to be released in late October 2020.

The additional languages are included in the Locale of a Travel Office, as well as the Language Selector of the Travel Platform.

A user associated with a Travel Office with a Locale set to a language other than English will be provided with a language switcher option located in the bottom right of the platform’s Dashboard. This allows a user to switch to their preferred language if desired.

Platform Administration

Site Selector

The Site Selector option that required the selection of both Kudos eSolutions and Kudos eBook for a company (client) setup and management has now been consolidated.

Items necessary for the setup and management of a company have now been merged under the Companies section, including Branding (e.g. logo upload, colour/theme).

File Upload

The File Manager has been updated in a favour of a more modern drag-and-drop file upload control. This enhancement no longer requires the user to browser and organise files as this is now handled automatically, including file security and optimisation.

Company Branding

All Kudos eSolutions company settings have been migrated to now reside under the Platform Company (old Kudos eBook), including Branding. This enhancement is designed to make it much easier to set up and manage each company’s (client) site in one place.

Account Managers (TAM) - Message History

Functionality recently released for company profiles (e.g. travellers, travel arrangers) is now available for Account Managers (TAM) via Kudos Administration. This enhancement allows any messages to be reviewed, as well as a detailed breakdown of the delivery status and a message preview.

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