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5.5 Release Notes

Released 29 May 2021

Release Highlights





Government Travel Advisories

  • USA (US) - US Department of State

  • Malta (MT) - Ministry for Foreign & European Affairs



Travel Advice Country Maps - Enhanced



Widgets (Upcoming Trips) - Refresh Icon



Platform Social Media - WhatsApp & Viber



Profile - Telephone Contacts Details UI


Travel Advisories - US & Malta

Kudos' existing country-level Government travel advisory services have been enhanced with the addition of the following two (2) countries:

  • United States (US) - US Department of State

  • Malta (MT) - Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs

Travel Advisory is available to be set at Travel Office and Agency levels.

Kudos recommends setting at the agency level, as this allows a single setup to be inherited by all associated travel offices and companies, as shown in the following example.

Once a government’s travel advisory has been enabled, it will be available in Request, Trips and Care. The Dashboard also provides a snapshot of the level four (4) and five (5) advice ratings.





Travel Advice Country Maps - Dynamic

Government travel advisory services that do not provide their own country maps have been enhanced to dynamically provide a country’s map based on the advice rating (1-5) returned.

The following examples for Bangladesh (BD) and Japan (JP) illustrate the dynamic maps for each travel advice rating, should an advisory service not provide its own.








Kudos Country Advice Mapping

The following table is intended to provide insights into Kudos' mapping (translation) of the advice ratings for the newly added Government travel advisory services.

Kudos Rating

United States



Exercise Normal Precaution

Take normal precautions


Exercise Normal Precaution - Contains Areas with Higher Security Risk

Exercise vigilance


Exercise Increased Caution - Contains Areas with Higher Security Risk

Exercise high degree of caution

Exercise Increased Caution


Reconsider Travel - Contains Areas with Higher Security Risk

Avoid all but essential travel to certain areas

Reconsider Travel

Avoid all travel to certain areas

Avoid all but essential travel


Do not Travel

Avoid all travel

Widgets (Upcoming Trips) - Refresh Icon

The Upcoming Trips widget has been updated to include a new Refresh icon. This is designed to allow a user already logged into the platform to regenerate an updated view which may be necessary for Trips that have just been created, modified or cancelled.

If a refresh of the Upcoming Trips widget is necessary, selecting the Refresh icon as shown in the following example will initiate this update.

Platform Social Media

Configurable platform social media (e.g. Instagram, LinkedIn) have been enhanced to present the icon(s) in the footer section for only those that have been set. If none have been set, no icons will be presented, as shown in the following example.

Additionally, social media of WhatsApp and Viber have been added as an option for an agency to configure, if desired. If any, the social media option(s) an agency wishes to present on their platforms must be set in the Travel Agency (profile) in Kudos Administration, as shown in the following example.

Only social media option(s) containing a value (e.g. URL) will be presented in the platform’s footer of the Consultant Desktop as well as associated companies, as shown in the following examples.

The following example shows how a social media icon will be presented whenever the mouse cursor hovers over it or is selected.

Profile - Telephone Contacts Details UI

The overlay in the UI for Work Telephone Contact’s Country field was previously transparent. This resulted in the text presented being mixed with the Additional Mobile (field), as shown in the following example.

This behaviour has now been corrected to ensure the overlay is presented in a non-transparent state, as shown below.

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