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5.9 Release Notes

Released 13 December 2021

Release Highlights





Widgets - Travel Check ENHANCED



Profile - vCards for Passports, Visas & Credit Card



Profile - Vaccinations NEW



Profile - TSA Known Traveller Number (KTN) & Redress Number NEW



Profile - Family Members


Platform Administration


Profile Sync (KTN & Redress)



Tramada Profile Sync (Include Supplementary Data)



Serko Profile Sync (Addresses)



Disable Credit Cards (Traveller)


Privacy Policy & End User Agreement


Kudos Privacy Policy & End User Agreement including GDPR


Widgets - Travel Check

The Travel Check widget deployed as part of the 5.8 Release has been enhanced with the following:

  • New design

  • Updated iconography

  • Added Health Form/App Requirements section

  • Section Formatting

  • Export to PDF

New Design






In addition to the icons for each section (e.g. Entry Requirement), the “Can Travel” indicator icons received a minor change.

canTravel =






Health Form/App Requirements

An added section specific to Health Form/App Requirements if required is designed to separate form/app requirements of the destination/transit country(ies). Online health/travel declaration form and app requirements, if needed will be presented. These may require to be completed and presented at check-in and upon arrival, as seen in the following examples.


South Africa



Section Formatting

The following provides a high level of formatting changes implemented for complex data structures returned.

Exceptions & Exemptions

Additional Info


Document Validity

Export to PDF

This enhancement allows the on-screen Travel Check results to be exported as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. While this will be helpful for a traveller, it will be more beneficial to a travel booker (e.g. travel arranger, travel consultant) needing to share the important information with travellers they are planning or booking a trip for.

Selecting the ellipsis vertical icon in the top right-hand corner of the results will provide the Export (PDF) option. Once selected, it will export (download locally), to PDF the on-screen results.


To enhance the look of the UI, vCards (Virtual Contact File) have been added for Passports, Visas, Credit Cards and now Vaccinations.




The former Passports tab has received a label name update to be an all-encompassing - Documents. This is designed to not only reflect this section of the Profile and its capabilities to allow both Passports and Visas to be stored, it now offers the ability to record Vaccinations.

While primarily focused on traveller’s COVID-19 vaccinations that can be helpful in travel planning as many international countries have requirements, other vaccinations such as Yellow Fever and Influenza that can also be needed to enter and transit countries may also be recorded.

Passports & Visas

  • To add a new passport, select the + Add Passport option.

  • Select the ⋮ icon to edit (🖉) or delete (🗑) a Passport, if required.


  • To add a new vaccination, select the + Add Vaccine option.

Vaccination mandatory fields are denoted with an * (asterisks).

If Vaccine Type “COVID-19” is selected, a Vaccine Name selection list is presented as an additional mandatory field.

  • Select the ⋮ icon to edit (🖉) or delete (🗑) a vaccination, if required.

Phase 1: Vaccinations recorded in a Profile are retained in the Travel Platform only. Integrated systems such as GDS (e.g. Amadeus), OBT (e.g. Serko) and TMS (e.g. Tramada) if enabled, will not be privy to the data.

Credit Cards

  • To add a new credit card, select the + Add Credit Card option.

  • Select the ⋮ icon to edit (🖉) or delete (🗑) a credit card, if required.


Travellers who frequently travel to, across and throughout the United States may be in possession of a Known Traveller Number (KTN) and Redress Number issued by U.S. Departments such as TSA and DHS.

Known Traveller Number

Trusted Travel Programs

Travellers enrolled in a U.S. traveller program will be able to utilise TS PreCheck and similar at airport. This allow a traveller regarded as low risk by the TS to pass through expiedicate sueicry screen at paricapty U.S. airport locations. With a TSA PreCheck on the boarding pass, the traveller can usually pass through security without removing:

  • Shoes

  • Liquids and gels from carry-on

  • Laptop from bag

  • Light outerwear/jacket

  • Belts

Redress Number

DHS Traveller Redress Program (DHS TRIP)

May be suitable for travellers with difficulties getting through security and inspection at airport checkpoints, train stations and when crossing U.S. borders. It can be used to resolve travel-related issues such as:

  • Unable to print a boarding pass.

  • Denied or delayed boarding a plane.

  • Denied or delayed entry into and exit from the U.S. at a port of entry or border checkpoint.

  • Continuously referred for additional (secondary) screening at the airport.

If enabled, a Traveller’s KTN and Redress Number can be added to the Profile’s Travel Preferences section.

Family Members

This enhancement to Profiles is designed to support additional data of Family Members, including the ability to add basic profile data and link to a master/parent profile. This will benefit corporate travellers of companies that allow family members to be booked, including "bleisure travel", as well as the expansion of the platform for use by agencies offering retail/leisure travel bookings.

  • linking family members to traveller profiles.

  • storage of traveller data of family members, including minors.

The ability to add Family Member profiles and the related UI indicators requires this option to be enabled.

Profile (List) - Family Member indicator

The profile of linked family members will not be shown in the profile list. The parent/master profile (e.g. company employee) instead will include a family member indicator if one (1) or more family members are linked.

Profile - Family Member tab

Adding and editing the profile of a family member (e.g. Child) is performed via the Family tab of the parent/master profile (e.g. company employee).

Add/Edit Family Member(s)

  • To add a family member, select the + Add Family Member option.

Family member mandatory fields are denoted with an * (asterisks).

  • Select the ⋮ icon to edit (🖉) or delete (🗑) a family member, if required.

Phase 1: Family member profile(s) recorded will be retained in the Travel Platform only. Integrated systems such as GDS (e.g. Amadeus), OBT (e.g. Serko) and TMS (e.g. Tramada) if enabled, will not be privy to the data. Additionally, family member profile(s) are not visible in Kudos Admin - Travellers and excluded from the Traveller Import/Export -files.

Platform Administration

Enable KTN & Redress

Kudos’ KTN/Redress Number Profile enhancement allows this option to be enabled (shown) selectively per company via a Profile Configuration setting.

  • The default for this option is No.

  • Set to Yes will allow the KTN and Redress Number fields to be shown in the Profile form UI.

Profile Sync (KTN & Redress)

When KTN/Redress Number fields are enabled for a company, Profile data recorded will be included in Profile Syncs to/from the following integrated systems.

  • Amadeus (GDS)

  • Cytric (OBT)

  • Serko (OBT)

  • Concur (OBT) INBOUND

OBT Administrative (e.g. Profile) configurations may require review/setup to be completed in order to allow allow KTN/Redress Number data to be captured/applied to bookings.

Enable Family Member Profiles

Kudos’ Family Member Profiles enhancement allows this option to be enabled selectively per company via a setting under Product Modules - Feature.

  • Enabling the Family member product feature allows the Family Members profile option and related indicators to be shown in the Platform and Profile form UIs.

A company must have a Default Employee Type set if Profile Family Members is enabled, as seen in the below example. The default employee type will be inherited automatically by all family member profiles when created.

A Default Employee Type set will also prefill the Employee Type field of a Traveller profile created directly in the Travel Platform. This can be helpful to minimise the number of fields requiring to be completed in order to create (save) a profile if most will not require management or executive level to allow a profile create (save). Refer to Profiles - Employee Details for an example.

Tramada Profile Sync

Include Supplementary Data

Kudos’ Tramada Profile Sync enhancement, “Include Supplementary Data”, is designed to give an agency the flexibility to include additional data elements of the Kudos Profile in the sync to Tramada.

The default for this option is No.
When set to Yes it will allow the following data to additionally be included in the sync to Tramada if present in the Kudos Profile.




Special Meal

Seating Preference^

NSSB sent when seat location Bulkhead selected
NSSA sent when seat type Aisle selected
NSSW sent when seat type Window selected

* Only passports with an Expiry Date that is current (e.g. today’s date) and in the future will be sent. Passports with a historical Expiry Date will not be sent.
^ NSSB sent when seat location Bulkhead selected, NSSA sent when seat type Aisle selected, NSSW sent when seat type Window selected

If an existing company’s Tramada sync is updated to Yes, to see the additional data immediately in Tramada without waiting for the next sync (e.g. Profile update), the following action will be required.

  • Via the Profile Update Flag menu option (in Admin), select the company plus its Tramada sync as well as the other options as shown before selecting “Update”.

    • This will place all Profiles of the company on the sync queue to be processed.

    • Once on queue, it could take up to 15mins to be completed, depending on the overall volume of Profiles being processed at the time.

The following is an example of a Kudos Profile’s XML for Tramada with a Passport and 2 x Memberships included.

The above can be found in Kudos Admin under a traveller’s “Third Party Integrations”. Select the View Request “XML” option only after the “Include Supplementary Data” has been enabled (Yes) and the profile(s) have synced to Tramada.

Sync Remarks

The Tramada sync remarks (RM) have been updated to include an * (asterisk) prefix. This was done to ensure all such remarks were preserved in the PNR, especially cancellation where the XI command is used.

The following provides an example of the sync remarks including the * (asterisk) prefix that are now sent to the Amadeus traveller profile when a company has Tramada enabled.

RM *TRM-DPC-60000
RM *TRM-CPX-STK0355156

Updated sync remarks will be visible upon a profile’s next next sync (i.e. update) unless the aforementioned Profile Update Flag is initiated prior.

Serko Profile Sync - Addresses

The Serko (OBT) Profile Sync enhancement allows additional Addresses (e.g. Home) stored in a Traveller’s profile to be sent and therefore available in the OBT for use in bookings (e.g. passenger contact tracing requirements).

This expands upon a similar enhancement for Traveller’s profile data sent to Amadeus in the 5.7 Release.

The Serko Profile API allows up to two (2) address elements to be included. The logic applied by Serko is to populate the:

  • Address (lines) 1-3 and Post Code based on the first (1st) address elements included in the XML.

  • Delivery Address (lines) 1-3 provided the Address UserType of Delivery is used.

To work within the boundaries of Serko’s logic and limitations, the following matrix provides the logic Kudos will apply based on the presence of up to three (3) address elements in our Profile.




Serko Address Element(s)




1st Address Line 1-3 plus Postcode/ZIP (Work)
Address UseType = Work

2nd Address Line 1-3 plus Postcode/ZIP (Work)
Address UseType = Delivery




1st Address Line 1-3 plus Postcode/ZIP (Home)
Address UseType = Mailing
2nd Address Line 1-3 plus Postcode/ZIP (Work)
Address UseType = Delivery




1st Address Line 1-3 plus Postcode/ZIP (Work)
Address UseType = Work
2nd Address Line 1-3 plus Postcode/ZIP (Postal)
Address UseType = Delivery




1st Address Line 1-3 plus Postcode/ZIP (Home)
Address UseType = Mailing
2nd Address Line 1-3 plus Postcode/ZIP (Work)
Address UseType = Delivery

Disable Credit Cards

The ability to disable (hide) the Credit Cards tab in the Profile form UI has been added. This option might be considered suitable for the platform setup of a company where:

  • Company-issued credits card are stored at the company level, and

  • Other non-credit card forms of payments (e.g. Invoice) issued by the fulfilment agency (e.g. TMC) are used.

The Profile’s Credit Card tab offers tokenized and encrypted Credit Card data storage. When this is disabled, alternative methods to collect an individual’s credit cards, if required, should be assessed for compliance (e.g. PCI-DSS).

How to disable

  • Via the Product Modules setup option of a company

  • The Profiles - Credit card with tokenEx should be disabled (not active), as seen in the following example.

  • Once any updates are completed, select Save.

The Credit Cards tab is now disabled (hidden) in the Profile form UI.

Privacy Policy & End User Agreement

Kudos Travel Technology (Kudos) has updated its Privacy Policy and End User Agreement, including a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) addendum.

This update replaces all prior policies and agreements including the Travel Platform - Privacy Policy.

Discover Kudos' updated Privacy Policy and End User Agreement - here.

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