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Technical Specifications

This section provides information on the recommended workstation and software requirements for the Kudos Travel Platform.

Browser Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome™^

  • Microsoft (MS) Edge^

  • Safari®^

  • Mozilla® Firefox®^

^Latest versions

Beta versions of these browsers or open-source builds of them are not supported.

Unsupported Browsers

The travel platform may still function on the following browsers though they have not been tested, in addition to not being supported.

  • Internet Explorer® version 11 and up (support ended on 30Mar22)

On 19May22, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer (IE) 11 desktop application would retire and no longer be supported from 15Jun22.

To deliver improved functionality and the best possible user experience, the travel platform will no longer support IE11 after 31Mar22. This means that after 31Mar22, new functionality may not be supported, and any bug fixes or user interface issues related to IE11 will not be fixed. It is recommended to utilise one of the supported browsers such as Google Chrome™ or Microsoft (MS) Edge.

  • Microsoft (MS) Edge v78 and earlier

  • Netscape

  • Opera

The travel platform works best with Google Chrome™. While it may work on non-supported browsers, its behaviour could be compromised. For example, the text might not line up or visual indicators could render differently than designed.

  • The minimum recommended operating systems are as per the browser requirements.

  • The browser should be running as a standalone application (not running inside another application).

  • We recommend that you always remain current with your browser’s updates.

  • The browser should have the following enabled.

    • Cookies

    • HTTP 1.1

    • TLS

    • JavaScript

Proxy Requirements

If your network uses a Proxy server, the Proxy should have the following.

  • Timeout setting should be greater than 120sec

  • Caching disabled for ““

  • Compression enabled for GZIP

  • Compression enabled for HTTP 1.1

Ensure the travel platform’s and sub-domains URLs are not listed as blocked sites

Allow all HTTP methods to pass through including GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS, TRACE, HEAD, CONNECT.

Whitelist Requirements

The following domains need to be whitelisted to ensure the network can access all the assets and services required for the travel platform to run and function as intended.


Connectivity Requirements

The travel platform requires broadband internet connectivity.

  • The recommended minimum bandwidth is 1Mbps download speed

  • The only port required is 443 (SSL)

Browser Empty Cache & Hard Reload

The first point of help if problems are encountered whilst using the travel platform is to empty the internet browser’s (e.g. Chrome) cache and perform a hard reload. This same process is recommended to be done after each new release is made available.

Modern-day browsers nowadays cache every front-end resource like JavaScript or CSS style sheets. This is primarily done to increase performance. When changes are done, the only way to truly see the changes is to perform a hard refresh or clear the cache of the browser.

Normal Reload – Uses cached data.
Hard Reload – Forces the browser to re-download items and reload. It is possible that used resources may come from a cached version.
Empty Cache & Hard Reload – The cache for the page is cleared completely, and everything will be re-downloaded.

A how-to on various browsers

  • Google Chrome™

    • F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I to open (Chrome Developer Tool)

    • Right mouse click the Refresh icon (top-left) and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

  • MS Edge

    • F12

    • Right mouse click on the Refresh icon (top-left) and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

  • Safari®

    • Select Shift+Command+R buttons on the Safari Web Inspector.

    • To force clear a single page’s cache, select Shift+Reload buttons in the address or search bar.

      • The advantage of this method is that it does not clear all other browser caches from Safari, it focuses on that specific page only.

  • Mozilla® Firefox®

    • Shift+F2 to open the Developer Toolbar. This usually appears at the bottom of the browser window. Type “appcache clear”, then Enter, to clear the cache.

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