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COVID-19: Continuing to Rebuild Confidence

To further assist travellers and travel bookers obtain up-to-date travel and border restrictions for countries globally, a Where can I travel? (Covid) widget is available.

The widget’s advice provided by Riskline should be considered general as it does not consider the passport nationality(ies) of the traveller. As such, entry requirements including but not limited to Visas, COVID-19 and other Health conditions (e.g. Yellow Fever) may not be provided. Travel Check therefore is the recommended to be used to ensure all necessary information is obtained.

Who is Riskline?

Riskline is a world-class travel risk intelligence company. Trusted by global travel management companies, small businesses and everyone in between, Riskline has been in operation since 2007 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Beyond their core of country and city risk assessments, Riskline closely tracked developments associated with COVID-19 since late 2019. Detailed information was gathered with real-time intelligence provided via alerts, API and the Riskline microsite.

Where can I travel? (Covid)? widget


  • A search by Country or by Travel Status (Open, Partially Open or Close) is available.

Selecting View Details from the excerpt of the information displayed will provide more in-depth details, as shown in the following example for Singapore.

Information presented includes date stamps to advise when the last check (verification) and update were performed.

Disclaimer - Kudos Travel Technology aims to provide the most up-to-date country COVID-19 travel & border restriction information. It can however change quickly. We rely on the information being supplied from the source (e.g. Riskline). Users should seek to confirm the information from official websites (e.g. government) and airlines before booking or travelling.

What’s coming?

13 DEC 2020

Kudos’ ability to remain agile has allowed opportunities to be identified to help continue the rebuild of travel. The growth of existing partnerships with industry leader Amadeus as well as establishing new ones with ATPCO and soon IATA is key.

IATA’s Timatic Autocheck, used by 70+ airlines, will let Kudos' existing Visa service offering be completely revised with information in the following areas and more, covered.

Passport regulations & recommendations

Visa regulations & recommendations

Health regulations & recommendations

Currency regulations relating to import & export by a passenger

  • Current Visa Check limitations selected nationalities and countries receive will be removed. The ability to search globally, as seen in the following example will be provided.^



  • Timatic Autocheck also allows Kudos to analyse an entire booking (PNR), including any transit points to provide Visa & Health requirements.

  • Current pre-trip information via Requests will benefit from not only the expanded Visa checks but will also allow Vaccinations and COVID Test requirements to be included, as seen in the following example.^

^ Concept UIs subject to change until the final release in 2021.

IATA’s Timatic Autocheck forms part of the goal to digitise elements in order to help with the overall Contactless Travel experience, including the Travel Pass.

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