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COVID-19: Virgin Australia & Qantas


The travel platform’s ATPCO Routehappy Reassurance UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) COVID-19 initiatives were expanded in October 2020 to include Virgin Australia and Qantas.

What are Reassurance UPAs (Universal Product Attributes)

Those travelling now, and those who will fly again in the future are rightfully concerned about their health and safety when they travel.

ATPCO saw a need to help convey the measures airlines are taking to protect passengers when they are considering flights to purchase and before they fly.

Reassurance UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) describe in real-time, the health and safety measures airlines are taking to protect flyers. They provide coverage to over 90% of global flight schedules. Illustrative graphics with messaging allow an airline to communicate key messages.

Reassurance UPAs fall into the following categories, with new ones being added as airlines change practices:

Trips & Care


Selecting the COVID SAFETY icon will present Reassurance UPAs, offered by the airline.

Hovering the mouse cursor over a Reassurance UPA image will provide supplementary airline information, specific to the health and safety measure.

Codeshare Flights

A booked flight operated by another airline is known as a codeshare.

Codeshare flights in the Travel Platform will present the Reassurance UPAs of the operating airline, if available, not those of the marketing. This ensures the traveller is duly informed of the operating airline’s health and safety measures, which could differ and be stricter than the booked airline’s (marketing).



Reassurance UPAs will be presented if Virgin Australia and Qantas are selected as a preferred airline, as seen in the following example.

Use of the Any Airline option for Flights in Requests will not present UPAs as this is not airline specific.

Selecting a displayed Reassurance UPA image will provide supplementary airline information, specific to the health and safety measure, as shown in the following example.

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