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Dashboard Widget

📣 Only agencies sending booking data (e.g. PNR) to the travel platform via an approved API service will have Sustainability Travel options such as the Widget enabled and CO2e calculations performed. An agency that does not currently provide booking data via such methods is unable to benefit from any of the travel platform’s Sustainable Travel initiatives.

Sustainability Widget

The widget, when enabled, can be displayed on the travel platform’s Dashboard in either a 1/3 or 2/3 layout.

  • Due to limitations in sizing, selected elements of the widget are only visible when displayed in the 2/3 layout.

  • Depending on the volume of CO2e to be displayed, the measurement of “Kg” (kilograms) may be shown, though for large amounts the standard is “t” (metric tonnes).

The widget is most effective in the 2/3 layout as only this provides the visual breakdown of CO2e emissions via a chart. The optimum setup for a travel platform utilising Demo Trips is the 1/3 layout as charts are only available with the capture and use of actual (real) trips data.

(lightbulb) If the Sustainability widget is not immediately evident, provided the browser’s cache has been cleared it is recommended to review one’s personal Widget Settings. The widget if indicated as inactive should be made active and the widget settings saved. If problems are still encountered, please liaise with your company’s travel administrator/manager or the travel agency (e.g. TMC) that manages your company’s bookings for assistance.



1/3 (30%)

2/3 (68%)

Anatomy of the Widget


Profile Type







Date range filter(s):

  • 30D Last 30 Days

  • YTD Year to Date

The From/To dates shown will adjust accordingly, depending on the date range filter selected.







View selector (toggle):

Allows company platform users TA and TM who manage one (1) or more travellers, the ability to view the CO2e of the company (the default) and their own (personal).





Adjustmenting the selector to “Personal” will present CO2e emissions of one's self. The widget’s display will then appear as it would for a TR (traveller) platform user.

Company selector (look-up list):

Allows an agency TAM user via the Consultant Desktop to view the CO2e emissions of all companies. When one (1) company is selected, the “View by” (droplist) will be enabled.





The options and data a TAM has access to is limited by their “Company Access” permissions. i.e. Which company(ies) they have been enabled to manage.


The total CO2e emissions are based on the selected date filter, for the TR and of the TA and TM when the view selector is set to “Personal”.

A TA and TM with the view selector set to “Company” will present the total CO2e emissions of the company.

A TAM with “All Companies” selected will be presented with the total CO2e emissions of all companies, based on the selected date filter.

A breakdown by travel (segment) type - Air, Hotel and Car, of the total CO2e emissions are additionally available.

(info) See Anatomy of Benchmarking to understanding this component of the widget in detail.






View by (droplist):

Allows a TA, TM and TAM the ability to view a more granular breakdown of CO2e emissions of the selected company. When the view selector is set to “Personal”, this option is disabled.

  • Departments/Cost Centres - shown only when a company’s platform has these enabled.

  • Employee Types - always shown, even if the company’s platform only has one (1) enabled.





The options and data a TA has access to is limited by their “Permissions”.
i.e. Which Departments/Cost Centres they are delegated to manage.

TR (Traveller) | TA (Travel Arranger) | TM (Travel Manager) | TAM (Travel Account Manager)

🍃 Discover more about the travel platform’s industry benchmarking and emissions compared in the following articles.

Trips Emissions

Sector breakdown of CO2e for each Air, Hotel and Car segment a Trip contains.

Coming Soon

The travel platform’s Sustainable Travel options will be expanded to include CO2e emissions for Request and Trips.

  • CO2e in Request is designed to provide the traveller/travel booker with the opportunity to select a greener travel choice before the booking is made/ticket(s) issued by the travel agency.

  • CO2e in Trips is to be enhanced to include benchmarking to help travel platform users consider greener travel choices the next time they book.

(info) For existing bookings, if still pending ticket issuance by the travel agency, there may be the chance to select an alternative option with a “lighter footprint”.

^ Until development is finalised and committed to production, actual inclusions and UI designs can be subject to change.

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