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Document Types

When planning a trip, it is essential to be familiar with the various types of travel documents that exist. These documents play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and hassle-free travel, and understanding their differences can help you navigate the process more effectively.

Document Type


Normal Passport

Standard passport issued by a country for international travel and identification.

(info) This will be the default document type applied for most nationalities.

Consular Passport

Passport issued by an embassy or consulate for government officials and official travel.

Diplomatic Passport

Passport issued for government representatives on official diplomatic missions.

Special Passport

Unique category for specific circumstances not covered by other passport types.

Service Passport

For individuals traveling internationally for service-related activities, often non-governmental.

Official Passport

Issued to government employees traveling abroad for official purposes.

Hong Kong (SAR China) Passport

Available to residents of Hong Kong for international travel.

Macao (SAR China) Passport

For residents of Macao, enabling international travel.

British Citizen Passport

Travel document issued to British citizens for international travel.

(info) This will be the default document type applied when the nationality United Kingdom is selected.

British National (Overseas) Passport

Issued to individuals with British National (Overseas) status, often associated with Hong Kong.

British Overseas Citizen Passport

For individuals holding British Overseas Citizen status.

British Overseas Territories Citizen Passport

Passport for citizens of British Overseas Territories.

British Protected Person Passport

Passport for individuals with British Protected Person status.

British Subject Passport

Passport for individuals with British Subject status.

Emergency Passport

Expedited passport issued in urgent situations, when your regular passport is lost or quick travel is needed.

Certificate of Citizenship

Official document confirming an individual's citizenship in a specific country.

Travel Permit

Government-issued document allowing international travel under specific conditions.


Trusted traveler program card offering expedited processing at designated border crossings between the US and Canada.

Birth Certificate

Official record of a person's birth, often used for identity and citizenship verification.


Document for specific travel purposes, often humanitarian, issued by a country's government.

US Refugee Travel Document

Travel document for refugees and asylees in the United States.

Kinderausweis with photograph

Child ID document with a photograph issued by certain countries.

Kinderausweis without photograph

Child ID document without a photograph issued by certain countries.

Authorization for Parole into the US

Form I-512, allowing temporary entry into the US for humanitarian or public benefit reasons.

Caribbean Development Bank Travel Cert.

Travel document issued by the Caribbean Development Bank for specific travel within its member countries.

Crew Member Certificate

Certificate for crew members of ships or aircraft, allowing international work-related travel.

Crew Member ID Card

Identification card for crew members of ships or aircraft, proof of affiliation with the vessel or aircraft.

Crew Member Licence

License for crew members of ships or aircraft, authorizing duties during international travel.

Crew General Declaration Form

Declaration form for crew members of ships or aircraft to provide information during international travel.

Document of Identity

Issued to individuals who can't obtain a passport but need to travel internationally, often with limitations.

Military ID Card

Identification card for military personnel, providing access to military facilities.

Military Identity Document

Document issued to military personnel, serving as identification and proof of military status.

Notarized Affidavit of Citizenship

Legal document affirming citizenship, often notarized for official use.

OAS Official Travel Document

Document issued by the Organization of American States (OAS) for its officials' travel.

Official Photo ID

Identification card with a photograph, issued by organizations or governments.

Permit to Re-Enter the US

Form I-327, allowing certain individuals to re-enter the US after temporary travel abroad.

Seaman Book

Identity document for seafarers, especially those working on ships.

Temporary Travel Document

Issued when urgent travel is required and a regular passport isn't available in time.

Transportation Letter

Temporary document for travel to the US when suitable travel documents are unavailable.

Travel Certificate

Document for specific travel purposes, often for those unable to obtain a passport.

UNMIK Travel Document

Travel document issued by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) for travel within Kosovo.

Voter's Registration Card

Card issued to registered voters, often used for identification during elections.

U.N. Laissez-Passer

Laissez-passer issued by the United Nations for its officials' international travel.

Lu Xing Zheng

Chinese travel document for residents of certain regions, allowing domestic travel.

Tai Bao Zheng

Chinese travel document for residents of certain regions, allowing domestic travel.

Titre de Voyage

Travel document issued to refugees unable to obtain a passport from their country.

Hellenic Police ID Card

Identification card issued by the Hellenic Police in Greece.

Interpol ID Card

Identification card for Interpol officials, used for international law enforcement purposes.

Interpol Passport

Passport for Interpol officials' official international travel related to law enforcement activities.

Visit Permit for Residents of Macao to HK

Permit for residents of Macao to visit the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.

💡 Users maintain the flexibility to switch to an alternative option, including "Passport Normal” if the preselected option does not align with the actual document type they will be using for their travel. This allows for a seamless adjustment before finalising and submitting their Travel Check query.

The Document Type selected for the request is displayed in both the platform's user interface (UI) and the PDF export, as illustrated in the following example.

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