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Please note that the following excerpt contains some of the common help articles regarding booking through the Concur Online Booking Tool (OBT). However, it is important to acknowledge that changes or improvements may have been implemented since the publication of these articles, rendering the information outdated.

(lightbulb) To ensure that you are informed about the most recent Concur online booking experience, we recommend that you stay in touch with your company's travel administrator/manager or the travel agency (e.g., TMC) responsible for managing your company's bookings. Additionally, you can access relevant information by visiting the Concur Travel user resources - here.

Booking a Flight

From the SAP Concur home page, use the Flight ✈️ tab to book a flight by itself or with car rental and/or hotel reservations. To book car and hotel reservations without a flight, use the Hotel 🏨 and Car 🚗 Search tabs, respectively.

You can access the Flight ✈️ tab (or Air/Rail ✈️🚆) by doing the following:

  • From the SAP Concur home page, select Travel on the menu.

  • Select the SAP Concur logo from the left side of the menu.

Start the Search

  • Select one of the following types of flight options:

    • Round Trip

    • One Way

    • Multi City

  • In the From and To fields, enter the departure and arrival cities for your travel. When you enter a city, airport name, or airport code, SAP Concur will automatically search for a match.

Use the Find an airport and Select multiple airports links as needed.

  • Select the Depart and Return date fields, and then select the appropriate dates from the calendar. Use the remaining fields in this section to define the appropriate time range.

  • Select the 🔽 arrow to the right of the time window to see a graphical display of nonstop flights available for the routing and date you have selected. This allows you to adjust your search criteria, and if necessary, to see/reserve nonstop flights.

  • The graphical display is based on flight schedule data. It will not show any rail options, and it cannot take refundability or class of service preferences into account.

  • Each green bar represents 30 minutes of time. Place your mouse pointer over a green bar to see all of the flights available for that time slot.

  • If you change locations or dates, select refresh graph for more data.

  • If you need a car, select the Pick-up / Drop-off car at airport check box.

  • Depending on your company's configuration, you might be able to automatically reserve a car, allowing you to bypass viewing the car search results. When you select this option, additional fields appear. Select a vendor and car type; the car is automatically added to your reservation.

  • If you need an off-airport car or have other special requests, you can skip this step and add a car later from your itinerary.

  • If you need a hotel, select the Find a Hotel check box.

  • Depending on your company's configuration, you might be able to specify an airline. If so, the Specify airline check box appears.

You can only search for one vendor at a time, and this will override the preferred airline searches normally done for all of the frequent flyer number carriers. If you select the Specify airline check box, a list of carriers appears that are color coded:

  • The first (yellow) are the frequent flyer carriers.

  • The second (gray/khaki) are the most requested airlines.

  • The remaining airlines are in alphabetical order.

  • Depending on your company's configuration, you might be able to book a reservation for a companion. If so, select from the Number of adults list.

If a companion is selected, the payment screen provides the option to use the credit card from the companion's profile.

  • Depending on your company's configuration, you might be able to select the appropriate Class of service.

  • From the Search by dropdown list, select either Price or Schedule.

    • Depending on your company's configuration, you might not have these options, or you might have an additional option: Multi-Fare.

  • To search only for refundable flights, select the Refundable only air fares check box.

  • If necessary, uncheck the Flight w/ no double connections check box.

  • Select Search

Select a flight

  • On the Select Flights page:

    • If you selected Price on the previous page, the Shop by Fares tab is initially active. Select either the Shop by Fares or Shop by Schedule tab for the appropriate flight information.
      In the following example, Price was selected on the previous page.

  • Select the fare button for the flights that you want to purchase.

  • If you selected Schedule on the previous page, the Depart tab is initially active. Select the fare button for the flights that you want to purchase from the Depart and Return tabs.

  • Select the Hide Matrix link to view additional information on the screen.

  • Review the flight details for your trip.

Depending on your airfare provider, you can select the View seat map link to select your seat on the flight. Select the appropriate Available seat from the Seat Map.

  • On the Review and Reserve Flight page you can:

    • Review the flight details

    • Enter traveller information

    • Select frequent flyer programs

    • Select your seat assignment

    • Review the price summary

    • Select your method of payment

    • Select Reserve Flight and Continue.

Select a rental car

If you requested a car on the Flight ✈️ tab (or Air/Rail ✈️🚆) Search, the rental car search results appear. For information about booking a rental car, see Booking a Car in this article.

Select a hotel

If you requested a hotel on the Flight ✈️ tab (or Air/Rail ✈️🚆) Search, the hotel search results appear. For information about booking a hotel, see Booking a Hotel in this article.

Review the Travel Details page (itinerary)

Review and change your itinerary, if necessary.

  • In the Trip Overview section:

    • Review the information for accuracy.

    • In the I want to section, print or email your itinerary as appropriate.

    • In the Add to your Itinerary section, add a car, hotel, Wi-Fi, etc., as needed.

  • In the Flight section:

    • Verify the information for accuracy.

    • Use the Select Seat or Change Seat selector to change your seat option (depending on the airline).

    • Your company might allow you to change or cancel your flight from the itinerary page. If so, select Change or Cancel, and then follow the prompts to change your outbound or return flight.
      Travellers given the option to change a flight will be able to select a different date or time for the trip but must stay on the same airline.

Changing a flight can result in fare changes. If this option is available to you, please make sure to check with your travel agency on fare differences.

  • If you want to cancel your flight, select Cancel all Air.

  • Review the remaining sections as necessary and make the appropriate changes.

  • Review the Total Estimated Cost section.

  • Select Next.

Review the booking information

  • Use the Trip Booking Information page to enter additional information about your trip.

  • Enter or modify your Trip Name. This is how the trip will appear on your itinerary and in the automated email from SAP Concur.

  • Enter a Trip Description (optional).

  • Indicate if there is anyone else who should receive the initial confirmation email. Enter as many recipients as needed, separated by commas.

    • If you book the trip, you will automatically receive the email.

    • If you book as an arranger, you will also receive the email.

  • Choose your preferred email format, either plain text or HTML.
    Some companies do not offer travellers this option and always send plain-text email.

  • Depending on your company’s configuration, you might be able to choose whether you would like to receive directions or maps to the hotel. This information will be part of the initial email from SAP Concur.

  • Depending on your company’s configuration, your company may require billing information. If so, make sure to complete this information if requested.

Your company might offer its travelers the option to hold a trip. Travel will always display the length of time this trip can be held on this page. Pay close attention to the date and time displayed; if the trip is not submitted, approved, and ticketed by the date and time displayed, in most cases it will be automatically cancelled.

  • Select Next.
    SAP Concur displays your itinerary on the Trip Confirmation page. This itinerary will include any messages about ticketing policies.

Purchase the ticket

  • Select Confirm Booking to send your request to your manager for approval and the travel agent. Depending on your company’s configuration, the Pre-populating Your Expense Report page appears. You can add transportation expenses for your trip to and from the airport.

  • Select Finish.
    The Finished! screen shows your confirmation number and information to contact the travel agent.

  • Select Return to Travel Center.

Booking a Car

Use the Car tab

  • If you require a car but not airfare, select the Car 🚗 tab.

  • Enter your Pick-up and Drop-off dates and times.

  • In the Pick-up car at section, select either:

    • Airport Terminal, and then type the city or the Airport code

    • Off-Airport, and then enter (or search for) the location (depending on your company's configuration, you might be able to have a car delivered to or picked up from your company location).

  • Select the Return car to another location checkbox if needed.
    Additional fields appear. Choose the appropriate location.

  • To see additional search preferences, select More Search Options.

    • Select the Car Type.

    • Select smoking or non-smoking.

    • Select the preferred vendors.

  • Select Search.

Filter the results (as needed)

There are two sets of filters: a matrix at the top of the page that you can show or hide, and one on the left side of the page.

  • Select your filter options from the matrix, and from the Car Display Filters section on the left.

  • Select the fare button for the car you want to rent.

  • In the Review and Reserve section, select the appropriate options.

    • Provide Rental Car Preferences: Enter any necessary information in the Comments field, and select any additional preferences that you want.

    • Enter Driver Information: To add a Rental car Agency Program, select the Add a Program link.

    • Select a Method of Payment: If you set up a credit card as the default in your profile, the credit card appears. Select the credit card you want to use from the dropdown list. To add a credit card, select the Add a credit card link.

  • If you want to change your search, in the Change Car Search area:

    • Change your pick-up and drop-off dates and times, and your pick-up and drop-off locations.

    • Expand More Search Options to select the car type and vendors that you prefer.

    • Select Search.
      Travel displays the new results.

  • In the Travel Details section:

    • Select the appropriate links to print or e-mail your itinerary, and follow the prompts.

    • Select Change or Cancel if needed, and then follow the prompts to change your reservation.

  • Select Next.

  • Select Reserve Car and Continue.

  • On the Trip Booking Information page:

    • Enter or modify your Trip Name.
      This is how the trip will appear on your itinerary and in the automated email from SAP Concur.

    • Enter a b (optional).

    • Indicate if there is anyone else who should receive the initial confirmation email. Enter as many recipients as needed, separated by commas.

  • Select Next,

  • On the Trip Confirmation page, review your trip details, and then select Confirm Booking.
    If your trip is not compliant with your company’s travel policy, a Travel Rule Triggered window appears. Select the reason for selecting this car, and then explain why.

  • Select Save.

Booking a Hotel

Use the Hotel tab

  • If you require a hotel but not airfare, select the Hotel 🏨 tab.

  • Enter the Check-in and Check-out Dates (or select each field and use the calendar).

  • Enter the search radius.
    SAP Concur will always show company preferred hotels within a larger radius, usually 30 miles or kilometres.

  • Choose to search near an airport, an address, a company location, or near a reference point/zip code (a city or neighbourhood).

  • Enter the reference point or zip code.

    • If you know the name of the hotel you want to stay at, check the With name containing check box and then enter the appropriate information.

    • If you will be using more than one hotel on your trip, select the Add Another Hotel check box.
      Additional fields appear. The Check-in Date field for the second hotel is automatically populated with the check-out date of the first hotel.

    • Change your information as necessary.

  • Select Search.

Change and filter your search (as needed)

There is a filter set on the left side of the page. Use show 🔽 and hide 🔼 arrows, as needed.

  • In the Change search area:

    • Change your check-in and check-out dates; change your hotel location.

    • Select Search. Travel displays the new results.

  • Use the slider in the Price area to narrow your search.

  • In the Display Settings area, select the appropriate check boxes.

  • In the Hotel chain area, select the appropriate hotels.

  • In the Hotel Amenities area, select the appropriate options.

Review the hotel map (as needed)

  • Review the hotel map.
    The red icon shows your reference point.

  • Select any blue "balloon" to see specific hotel information.

  • Use your mouse to zoom and move the map, as needed.

The red icon indicates your reference point, and the blue icon(s) shows the company’s preferred hotels.

Sort the search results (as needed)

  • Below the map, use the Sorted By list to sort the results. Enter hotel names, as needed.

Review the results

A picture as well as the name, address, rating stars, and price range appears.

  • Select the hotel picture to see more images.

  • Select Hotel details to see contact information, street address, cancellation policy, and information about the facility.

  • Select View Rooms to see:

    • The available room options and rates

    • Other amenities per room/rate

    • Rules and cancellation policy

Select the hotel room

  • Select the Cost button next to the room that you want to reserve.

  • The Review and Reserve Hotel page appears. Navigate through the page and:

    • Review or modify the room preferences.

    • Verify or modify the guest and program information.

    • Review the price summary.

    • Select a method of payment, if available, as defined by your company's configuration.

    • Review and accept the rate details and cancellation policy.

  • Select the I agree to the hotel’s rate rules, restrictions, and cancellation policy check box.

  • Select Reserve Hotel and Continue.

  • Your Travel Details page (itinerary) displays.

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