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Please note that the following excerpt contains some of the common help articles regarding booking through the Cytric Online Booking Tool (OBT). However, it is important to acknowledge that changes or improvements may have been implemented since the publication of these articles, rendering the information outdated.

(lightbulb) To ensure that you are informed about the most recent Cytric online booking experience, we recommend that you stay in touch with your company's travel administrator/manager or the travel agency (e.g. TMC) responsible for managing your company's bookings.

Book a Flight

(info) If you are a travel arranger, first select your Travel Arranger Dashboard.

1. Click the Book flights button

2. Enter the journey details

  • One Way or Round Trip

  • From and To

  • Dates and (optional) Time

  • Next step

3. Select your flights

Two methods to select your flights:
a. Select out-and in-bound flights one at a time

b. Or select both flights at once

Flight is in-policy

Flight is out-of-ploicy

4. Select your fare

Show more fares and Filter can help you find the best fare:

To select your fare click on the blue arrow:

Cheaper, alternative flights may be shown in Alternative options:

5. Complete the booking

  • Check the flight details

  • Add flight options

    • Book seats

    • Add baggage

    • Add ancillaries

  • Check your details

    • This information comes from your traveller profile in Kudos

    • Orange text = mandatory information not available from your profile

  • Add other bookings

    • Additional flights, book a car or book a hotel

  • Complete booking

Book a Hotel

  • Click on the Book hotel button

  • Enter the journey details

    • You always know where you are in the reservation booking workflow by beginning by Start

  1. Insert Destination, Hotel Name, corporate location or address

  2. Choose date (Check-in and Check-out dates)

  3. Select the Trip purpose (can be optional depending on your company configuration)

  4. Click on the blue arrow to validate

  • Select Hotel

    • A list of hotels is displayed, with a company hotel program with negotiated rates

  1. Sorted by is by default Lowest Price, click from the dropdown list to choose by distance etc.

  2. The filter can be used to choose a hotel by name, chains, category

  3. Click Select hotel

  4. To choose a hotel from a map view

  1. Return to the Hotels list

  2. Select Hotel directly from the map

  • Select Room

  1. Access photo click on Show photo gallery

  2. Click on the half-moon to access more room and rate details and cancellation policy

  3. Click on Select room button

  • Finalise booking

  1. Show summary of the details of the reservation.

  2. Insert free flow text for easier differentiation to my trips on my personal dashboard.

  3. Show details of traveller coming from his profile.

  4. Click on Complete Booking to get the confirmation booking and receive an email confirmation.

Book a Car

  • Click the Book car/transfer button

  • Enter the journey details

  1. Insert pick-up destination (airport, train station), company location or address.

  2. Drop-off by default system put the same as pick-up.

  3. Choose the pick-up and drop-off dates/Times.

  4. Select the Trip purpose (can be optional depending on your company’s set-up).

  5. Click on the blue arrow button to valid

  • Select Car rental station

For an Airport Pick-up/Drop-off you will access directly the car list view.

The following is a map view as Madrid city was requested. Select a car station by clicking on it.

  1. From the list, you can select 3 car rental station per provider

  2. Click on the Offers button to see car type

  • Select Car rental station

  1. The filter can be used to choose a car by category, person capacity, special equipment, Km/Ml included.

  2. Click on the half-moon to collapse for more details

  3. Click on Select rental car.

  4. Click to add special equipment and valid with the blue arrow

  • Finalise booking

  1. Details of your reservation.

  2. Information’s coming from your profile.

  3. Click on one tab to continue a new booking flow Air, Car, Hotel (Tab’s become blue).

  4. Click on Complete Booking to get the confirmation booking and receive a confirmation email.

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