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Please note that the following excerpt contains some of the common help articles regarding booking through the Thomalex Online Booking Tool (OBT). However, it is important to acknowledge that changes or improvements may have been implemented since the publication of these articles, rendering the information outdated.

đź’ˇ To ensure that you are informed about the most recent Thomalex online booking experience, we recommend that you stay in touch with your company's travel administrator/manager or the travel agency (e.g., TMC) responsible for managing your company's bookings.

New Booking

A booking can be made by selecting the “New Booking” panel on the homepage.

Select the type of booking needing to be made, from the available option(s). The following example includes flights, cars and hotels.

The following illustrates the steps to make a return (roundtrip) flight booking.

Options shown can vary depending on the configurations of the user’s Thomalex website. To understand the specifics of your website, please liaise with your company’s travel administrator/manager or the travel agency (e.g. TMC) that manages your company’s bookings.


Select Flights followed by the Roundtrip option.

  • The options of “One Way” and “Multi Destinations” may also be available.

Enter the “From” (origin) and “To” (destination).

  • The city or airport name can be entered or select the 🔍 to search for one.

Select the date and time for the departure and return.

  • The date can be entered directly or select the 🗓️ to search for it.

Set preferences including those via “Advanced options” such as cabin (e.g. economy, business) and airline(s), if desired.

Select “Search roundtrips”

  • If “Search One Ways” is selected, a search of oneway combinable options will be performed. Sometimes the combination of two (2) oneway flights and their airfares can be cheaper than a (1) return.
    e.g. Fly Malta to London with Air Malta and return with British Airways.

On the results page, select “More details” to obtain specifics about the flight(s) such as the aircraft (equipment) type and travel/transit times, as seen in the following example.

To book a flight select “Add to Cart”, or

  • As seen in the following example, the displayed price has different fare options, known as fare families, available for selection.

Once a selection is made, the user is redirected to the “Shopping Cart” with details of the flight(s) added.

Hotel & Car

To add a Car and/or Hotel to the already selected flights, select “Add Car” or “Add Hotel”.


Search for Hotel and for the chosen hotel use “Select” to obtain details about room types and pricing.

For the chosen room type and pricing, select “Add to Cart”.


Search for Car and add by selecting “Add to Cart”

Shopping Cart

Before selecting “Confirm” at the bottom of the “Shopping Cart” page, all travel arrangements as well as the name of the traveller(s) and any loyalty program/special meals, should be carefully checked.

(info) Be sure to complete (Confirm) the booking before the date/time indicated as the “Ticketing time limit”.

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