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Consultant Desktop

User Access Levels: (error) Traveller | (error) Travel Arranger (TA) | (error) Travel Manager (TM) | (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM)

Agency users, utilising the Consultant Desktop, possess the capability to establish, oversee, and upkeep Profiles for the companies they are assigned to.

The Consultant Desktop does not support bulk creation or updates performed by a TAM. Instead, this function can be executed by an agency's Platform Administrator user(s) through the use of import file options, specifically by uploading a CSV file.


To create Profiles select:

Only the company(ies) assigned to the TAM will be accessible for selection.

The newly created blank profile form will automatically inherit the profile configurations of the selected company, including any custom fields and specific hidden fields (such as 'diverse gender').

To learn more about Profiles, click here.

Mandatory fields are denoted with an * (asterisks).

Mandatory sections of the basic profile to be completed will be denoted with

Once finalised, mandatory section will be denoted with a

Once all profile mandatory fields (*) and sections () have been finalised, select Save to create the profile.

Once a profile is saved, it undergoes automatic synchronisation with enabled Integrated Systems, such as Amadeus GDS and Serko OBT. To access information about the status and the date/time of the last successful synchronisation with these systems, simply select the 'Syncs' option, as illustrated in the following example.

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