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Documents - Passports

User Access Levels: (tick) Traveller | (tick) Travel Arranger (TA) | (tick) Travel Manager (TM) | (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM)

Passports are the key to travel, especially when travelling abroad (internationally). The travel platform allows a user to store all of their travel documents (passports, visas) and manage them within the profile.

Travel platform users can create and manage Passports via the Profiles - Documents section. Details can be entered manually, though the quickest and which ensures accuracy is to upload an image of the passport’s photo page.

Add Passport

Select the + Add Passport option.

Upload Passport Photo

The passport must be a machine-readable passport (MRP). An MRP can be identified by two (2) lines of letters, numbers, and a lot of the '<' symbols. This is known as the machine-readable strip or machine-readable zone (MRZ).

The upper line of a passport’s MRZ will indicate a “P” for the document type.

The passport photo page image uploaded should be clear, legible and include the machine-readable strip or machine-readable zone (MRZ).

Selecting the Upload Passport Photo option requires an image of the passport photo page to be uploaded.

  • Locate the image of the passport photo page on your device (2MB or less).

    • The image needs to be in a file format of gif, jpg, jpeg or png.

  • Allow the system up to 20 seconds to process the reading of the passport image.

    • The image uploaded is scanned by the Travel Platform’s optical character reader (OCR) to convert and populate information to the relevant fields of the Travel Document - Passport.

  • Confirm the details on the Passport Preview Screen are correct and select Save.

  • A new passport has now been created including a passport photo page image saved.

Passport Preview Screen

If the passport upload was successful, the passport preview screen will be shown (example below). It provides visual confirmation and details of any validation errors (!) with the passport’s names and date of birth checked against the existing traveller profile. In the event of a discrepancy, selecting Cancel will end the process without saving or Save, which will retain the information obtained from the uploaded passport image.

If non-Latin characters are entered within the Profile, the system is designed to automatically replace them with the closest Latin counterpart. e.g. À and à convert to A a and Ø ø converts to O o .

Enter Manually

Selecting the Enter Manually option will present a blank (empty) Travel Document - Passport template to be completed. Mandatory fields are denoted with an * (asterisks)

Once all mandatory fields (*) have been completed select Save to store the passport information.

Currently, there is no limit to the number of Passports that can be recorded in a traveller profile.

Preferred Passport

The Preferred Passport indicator ✔ enables the Passport information to be the master for a Profile’s identity and synchronisation to integrated systems.*

* Online Booking Tools (OBTs), Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) e.g. Amadeus, as well as Mid-Back Office (MBO) and Travel Management Systems (TMS).

A company setting if enabled allows the Passport to be used as the primary identifier for a profile with such systems. When this setting is in use, the following passport information will be used instead of that data recorded in the General tab - Traveller section.

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of Birth (DOB), and

  • Gender

The Preferred Passport toggle allows one (1) passport to be selected as the preferred. If only one (1) passport exists, this automatically becomes the preferred passport.

The following scenarios can be used to further highlight which profile’s identity information is sent to integrated systems.

  • If no passport exists in a traveller profile, the General tab - Traveller section data will be sent.

  • If one (1) passport is recorded, this is considered the preferred passport and its data will be sent (not the General tab - Traveller section).

  • If more than one (1) passport is recorded, the data of the passport set as the preferred will be sent (not the General tab - Traveller section).

Edit/Delete Passport

Select the ⋮ icon to edit (🖉) or delete (🗑) a Passport, if required.

A passport number does not allow to be edited, the entire entry would need to be deleted and re-added.

A passport that has been edited or deleted, once finalised (saved) is unable to be restored or recovered.

Expiry Date Alerts/Notifications

A passport that has already expired or is scheduled to expire soon may result in delays in the travel request and booking processes. In some situations, the trip may be unable to proceed if the country to be visited requires the passport to hold a minimum of six (6) months validity at the date of entry.

Profiles are designed to avoid problems by providing alerts/notifications for Passports with an impending expiry date as well as any that have expired, as seen in the following examples.

Travel Platform

The expiring soon notification will present when a Passport has less than six (6) months validity remaining. An expired notification will remain until the expired Passport is deleted or modified (edit) to hold a future/current expiry date.


In addition to the notifications presented within the platform, a Passport Expiry reminder is emailed to the email address recorded in the Profile, as seen in the example below.

  • Initial notification is sent nine (9) months prior to the passport expiry date, and

  • A subsequent notification will be sent seven (7) months prior to the expiry date if the passport/expiry date remains unchanged i.e. passport expiry date is not updated or deleted and replaced with a new one.

Visas & Vaccinations

The travel platform additionally allows Visas and Vaccinations to be added and managed in a profile. Discover more about these features by reviewing the following article.

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