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If enabled, this feature of Profiles is designed to support data of Family Members (e.g. partner, children) with the ability to record basic profile data associated with a master/parent profile.

This can benefit corporate travellers allowed to book family members including "bleisure travel" as well as the travel platform’s support of travel agencies with a dedicated focus on retail/leisure travel bookings.

  • Link family members to the primary traveller’s profile (master/parent).

  • Store limited traveller data of family members, including minors, which can be used by a member of the agency for an efficient booking experience.

A Family Member profile does not allow its user the ability to login into the travel platform.

Family Member Indicator

(info) The profile of an associated family member will not show in the profile list view.

The parent/master profile (e.g. company traveller) will include a family member indicator if one (1) or more family members are associated.

Profile - Family Member tab

Adding and editing the profile of a family member (e.g. Child) is performed via the Family tab of the parent/master profile (e.g. company employee).

Add Family Member(s)

  • To add a family member, select the + Add Family Member option.

Family member mandatory fields are denoted with an * (asterisks).

Once all mandatory fields (*) have been completed select Save to store the Family Member information.

Edit/Delete Family Member(s)

  • Select the ⋮ icon to edit (🖉) or delete (🗑) of a family member if required.

    • Edit - once the necessary Family Member updates are completed, select Save to finalise.

    • Delete - select Yes to confirm the deletion.

Family Members (profiles) recorded in the travel platform are currently not sent to integrated systems such as GDS (e.g. Amadeus), OBT (e.g. Serko) and TMS (e.g. Tramada).

A Family Member that has been edited or deleted, once finalised (saved) is unable to be restored or recovered.

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