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Known Traveller & Redress Numbers

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Travellers who frequently travel to, across and throughout the United States may be in possession of a Known Traveller Number (KTN) and Redress Number issued by U.S. Departments such as TSA and DHS.

Known Traveller Number

Trusted Travel Programs

Travellers enrolled in a Trusted Travel Program will be able to utilise TSA PreCheck and similar at the airport. This allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travellers when passing through airport security screening points at U.S. airport locations. A traveller enrolled in a program will usually be able to pass through security without removing the following.

Redress Number

DHS Traveller Redress Program (DHS TRIP)

A Redress Number may be suitable for travellers that have experienced difficulties getting through security and inspection at airport checkpoints, train stations and when crossing U.S. borders. It can be used to resolve travel-related issues such as:

  • Unable to print a boarding pass.

  • Denied or delayed boarding a plane.

  • Denied or delayed entry into and exit from the U.S. at a port of entry or border checkpoint.

  • Continuously referred for additional (secondary) screening.

Add KTN & Redress

If enabled for the company, a traveller can record their Known Traveller Number (KTN) and Redress Number in the dedicated fields of the Travel Preferences section.

Once a KTN/Redress Number has been recorded, select Save to finalise.

Edit/Delete KTN & Redress

To edit or delete a Known Traveller/Redress Number, the details recorded should be modified or removed (deleted) from the relevant field.

Once the necessary KTN/Redress Number updates are completed, select Save to finalise.

A Known Traveller/Redress Number that has been edited or deleted, once finalised (saved) is unable to be restored or recovered.

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