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After the initial profile creation, travel platform users can create and manage Memberships (i.e. frequent flyer, loyalty) for air, hotel and car rental suppliers via the Profiles - Memberships section.

Memberships recorded in a profile are communicated to the agency and airline, hotel and car rental supplier included in travel bookings made.

When a membership is added to a travel booking, this can ensure frequent flyer points (miles) are accrued. Additionally, if relevant, status credits can be collected and extra privileges or recognition may be provided depending on the supplier and one's membership level. e.g. Platinum status may allow priority check-in and complimentary upgrades, subject to availability.

If the name of the profile differs from what is stored in the frequent flyer or loyalty membership, it may not be able to be attached to the booking. This can result in the accrual of frequent flyer points (miles) and status credits being missed.

Add Memberships

Select the + Add Membership option.

Membership mandatory fields are denoted with an * (asterisks).

  1. Select a Type - Airline, Hotel or Car Rental

  2. Selecting the Program Name from the droplist options provided

  3. Enter the Membership Number

Please liaise with your company’s travel administrator/manager or the travel agency (e.g. TMC) that manages your company’s bookings for assistance, if a Program Name is found to be missing.

Once all mandatory fields (*) have been completed select Save to store the membership information.

Currently, there is no limit to the number of Memberships that can be recorded in a traveller profile.

Please ensure the frequent flyer or loyalty membership being entered is still active. Airlines such as Singapore (KrisFlyer), Korean (Skypass) and Cathay (Asia Miles) may deactivate (expire) a membership that has not had activity (e.g. earn points) after a certain period of time.

Edit/Delete Memberships

A stored membership can be edited (🖉) or deleted (🗑) by selecting the required option against the membership(s) in the list displayed.

A membership that has been edited or deleted, once finalised (saved) is unable to be restored or recovered.

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