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Profiles, an integral module of the travel platform, provides agencies like Travel Management Companies (TMCs) with a streamlined solution for managing traveller profiles effortlessly. These profiles encompass a wide range of personal details, including passport information, visas, credit cards, travel memberships and preferences.

The system ensures seamless synchronisation of profiles with a variety of systems, including Online Booking Tools (OBTs), Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) like Amadeus, Travel Management Systems (TMSs), and Mid/Back-Office Systems (MBOs). Additionally, Profiles offers extensive integration capabilities with a growing list of third-party systems.

Each user on the travel platform has their Profile, and the type of profile (access level) they hold dictates the processes, workflows, and features available to them. While most user types share common profile elements, such as personal information and passport details, frequent travellers may enjoy more comprehensive profiles in contrast to occasional travellers, such as travel arrangers or contractors. The Profiles feature encompasses a wealth of company and personal information, ultimately saving time and enriching the overall booking and travel experience.

4 Ways Profiles Can Help

Creating a profile offers time-saving advantages and ensures that vital information like passport details and meal and seat preferences is effectively communicated to airlines. This is especially beneficial for individuals who travel infrequently. Here are four compelling reasons to consider profile creation:


Creating profiles is a one-time task that can save valuable time by eliminating the need to repeatedly provide the same information, such as name and nationality, for every booking. This process takes only a few minutes and can be accessed for viewing and editing 24/7.

Enhanced Accuracy

Accurate traveller information is essential for bookings. Even a minor mistake, such as a misspelt name, can lead to airlines requiring ticket re-issuance, resulting in unnecessary expenses. By creating traveller profiles once and utilising them for all future bookings, the risk of human error in the booking process is significantly reduced.

Traveller Preferences

To ensure traveller satisfaction, preferences such as specific dietary requirements, preferred seating (window or aisle), and frequent traveller memberships can be communicated to service providers during the booking process.

Passport & Visa Expiry Reminders

Maintain your travel readiness with the help of our reminders for passport(s) and visa(s) expiration dates. These notifications ensure you receive timely reminders as your documents near their expiration, guaranteeing you are always well-prepared for your journey.

Profile Types

On the travel platform, users can be assigned different profile types or access levels. Here are the available options:

Traveller (TR)

As a basic-level user, the traveller profile allows you to view and edit your own profile, as well as make bookings for yourself. Depending on your company's setup, you may have the option to arrange your own travel or have it organised for you by a designated travel arranger, travel manager, or travel consultant from the agency (e.g. TMC).

Travel Arranger (TA)

Designated individuals known as travel arrangers are responsible for making travel arrangements for assigned travelers. These arrangers have the authority to create, view, and cancel trip requests, as well as manage and create traveller profiles, including guests if permitted. Their higher level of access allows them to collaborate with agencies to ensure that travel arrangements are accurate and meet the traveller's needs.

Travel Manager (TM)

The company appointed one or more individuals to fulfill the role of arranging travel for all company travellers. These individuals can view, edit, and create profiles for everyone within the company, including guests. This user is similar to a travel arranger and often collaborates with the agency in managing trips and traveler profiles. Individuals with this level of access may also be responsible for overseeing the management of the organisation's travel program.

Travel Approver

While not a standalone role, travel approvers are granted additional permissions by the company to individuals who need to approve, reject, or forward travel requests to another authoriser. Configuring the approval process may be necessary to facilitate the creation of bookings, issuance of tickets, or both.

Travel Account Manager (TAM)

A travel account manager plays a crucial role in a travel agency team by managing all aspects of the travel platform, especially for corporate clients. Their responsibilities include overseeing the entire process, from managing traveller profiles to providing quotes, booking trips, and even canceling them. Occasionally, this role may also extend to other members of the agency, such as those in client services, operation managers, and finance.

Travel Agency Platform Administrator

At the travel agency, the Administrator holds the highest level of permission and has the responsibility of managing users, company profiles, booking workflows, platform modules, and integrated systems. They can even simulate being a user within their agency, such as a traveller from an associated company, to help troubleshoot and resolve issues.

System Administrator

Commonly referred to as a "Super User”, is a profile type specifically designated for Kudos Travel Technology's technical and support personnel. This profile grants the highest level of permissions, offering access on par with other profile types. Super Users are empowered to carry out platform administrative and technical functions across all agencies. Furthermore, they possess the capability to simulate a user within an agency or company, assuming roles like that of a traveller, to effectively address escalated issues.

The following articles aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of Profiles.

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