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User Access Levels: (error) Traveller | (tick) Travel Arranger (TA) READ ONLY | (tick) Travel Manager (TM) | (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM)


The Travel Arranger (TA) profile type is designed for users who need to arrange travel and manage profiles and credits (unused tickets), on behalf of other travellers. This article will provide guidance on how to set up and manage Travel Arranger permissions in the travel platform.

Travel Arranger Responsibilities

For traveller profiles assigned (delegated), a Travel Arranger can:

  • Create trip Requests

  • View Trips (bookings)

  • View Credits (unused tickets)

  • View and edit traveller profiles

  • Create new profiles, including guests, if permitted.

A Travel Arranger can only view their own permissions, they cannot add or edit existing setups. If a Travel Arranger needs their permissions updated, they should contact a Travel Manager or Travel Account Manager to make the necessary changes.

Setting up Travel Arranger Permissions

(error) A user must first be assigned Travel Arranger (TA) access level before the set up of delegation in their profile can be completed. Without proper delegation, a Travel Arranger will not be authorised to view or manage profiles, trips and credits (unused tickets) of other travellers.

Reviewing Travel Arranger Permissions

  1. Open the profile of the user with the Travel Arranger access level.

  2. Select the Permissions tab to view/edit their current permissions.

Creating Travel Arranger Permissions

Travel Arranger permissions can be granted by Department(s), Cost Centre(s), or both, as well as individual travellers.

Departments take precedence in the sense that if a Travel Arranger is assigned a Department with multiple Cost Centres, they will have access to all the Cost Centres within that Department. There is no need to duplicate the assignment of Cost Centres within a Department if the Department has already been assigned. If the desired result is for a Travel Arranger to only have access to select Cost Centres, no Department(s) should be assigned.

Granting Permissions by Departments or Cost Centres

  1. Choose Department(s) or Cost Centre(s) from the available options.

  2. Select the relevant Departments or Cost Centres to grant the Travel Arranger access.

Granting Permissions by Travellers

While granting permissions by Departments or Cost Centres is recommended, you can also set permissions at the Traveller level. This approach may require more maintenance but can be useful for managing high-profile travellers or special guests.

Assigning Travel Arranger

  1. Open the profile of the traveller who needs a Travel Arranger.

  2. Under the Travel Arranger section, select existing Travel Arrangers to grant them access to the traveller's profile, bookings and credits (unused tickets).


Travel Arranger

(info) The Administration (e-Admin) site, if enabled, can be utilised to import (in bulk) Travel Arranger permissions by a Travel Manager (TM) user.

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