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User Access Levels: (error) Traveller | (tick) Travel Arranger (TA) | (tick) Travel Manager (TM) | (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM)

If required, a search of profiles within a company can be made.

  • The search a TA can perform will be limited to delegated profile(s) which are usually assigned by department(s) or by cost centre(s).

  • The search a TM can perform will be for the entire company.

  • The search a TAM can perform will be limited to the delegated company(ies)

  • Select Profiles from the Navigation Panel.

  • A list will be displayed (sorted A-Z by Last Name) of profiles authorised to be viewed.

Specific Search

Expanding the Search option allows specific criteria to be used, including if a search of inactive profiles is required. (info) Active status is the default used in the search criteria.

Once finalised, select Search.

  • Profiles matching the search criteria specified will be shown, as seen in the following example.

Profile List Icons & Labels



One (1) or more profile elements where expiration date is monitored is due to expire soon e.g. passport with less than six (6) months validity remaining.

At least one (1) profile element where the expiration date is monitored has expired.

The profile contains at least one (1) associated family member profile (e.g. partner.

The profile has the VIP (Very Important Person) toggle enabled (true).

The profile holds Travel Arranger (TA) access level.

The profile holds Travel Manager (TM) access level.

The profile’s status is currently Active (enabled).

The profile’s status is currently Inactive (disabled).

Use of the delete (trash can) icon will make inactive, the selected profile.

Use of the edit (pencil) icon will allow the selecting profile to be modified.

* A profile that does not present with a “TA” or “TM” label is assumed to hold Traveller (TR) access level only.

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