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Approval processes are always based on the people travelling. That means when booking a trip that requires approval, the trip is sent to the traveller's approver(s).

Approvals provide authorised travel platform users with single streamlined access to Requests that require to be reviewed (and approved) in order to allow the booking (request) to proceed.

Setting an approval process for Requests can allow a company to have:

  • An oversight to travel spending by employees, including before ticket(s) is issued, and

  • An overarching view of travellers planning or booked to travel to high-risk destinations or due to health/government advisories (e.g. COVID-19).

Requests with or without Approval include an audit log. Companies could consider its use as a replacement for traditional methods of communication such as emails.

Approval Types

The approval workflow each company uses could vary. The following provides a high level of two (2) of the commonly used options companies implement on the travel platform.

Approval Before Booking

  1. A company travel booker (e.g. traveller) submits a booking request to the agency.

  2. Agency provides quote(s).

  3. The travel booker accepts a quote and selects or enters approver(s) if required.

  4. The request is approved.

  5. Agency issues ticket(s).

Pre-Trip Approval – TA (Travel Arranger) Fulfil

  1. A company travel booker (e.g. traveller) submits a booking request to company approver(s).

  2. The request is approved.

  3. The travel booker’s company Travel Arranger (TA) receives approval.

  4. Traveller Arranger creates booking via the Online Booking Tool (OBT), using the travel platform’s Navigation Panel “Online” option. This allows the TA to SSO (Single Sign-On) to the company’s integrated and enabled OBT(s).

  5. Agency issues ticket(s) for booking created via the OBT.

The agency is not involved in this process at all and additionally does not visibility via their Consultant Desktop for such Requests.


Select the Approvals sub-menu option from the Navigation Panel or the Request Approvals option on the Dashboard’s welcome bar.

Any current Requests waiting for approval will be shown, as seen in the following example.

Requests that have been processed (e.g. approved) or that require to be searched, can be done via the use of any of the search criteria provided.

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