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User Access Levels: (tick) Traveller | (tick) Travel Arranger (TA) | (tick) Travel Manager (TM) | (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM)

Request is designed to provide a travel platform user with a single streamlined booking requests and pre-trip approvals workflow. It provides a company with a configurable, easy-to-use travel request solution, which automatically manages the travel request based on the desired workflow.

While similar to traditional methods (e.g. email) of submitting a travel request, Requests is integrated with invaluable travel-related information such as Government travel advisories as well as Passport and Visa checks. This allows the travel booker (e.g travel arranger) to be well-informed during the request and pre-booking process. The travel booker may be required to accept the information provided to allow the travel Request to be submitted.


Select Request in the Navigation Panel, if available.

The following articles are intended to provide a detailed understanding of Request.

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