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Flight Status

User Access Levels: (tick) Traveller | (tick) Travel Arranger (TA) | (tick) Travel Manager (TM) | (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM)

Flight Status assists with questions such as:

  • Is my flight on time?

  • How long is the delay?

  • Is it cancelled?

Flight Status provides real-time flight status tracking. Any flight captured by the platform’s Trips service is automatically subscribed to receive Flight Status information.

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) | ATC (Air Traffic Control)

The benefits for the Aviation Industry with the inclusion of ADS-B are:

Wide surveillance coverage.

Improved safety.

Weather data can be displayed.

Reduced cost of surveillance infrastructure.

More efficient flight profiles such as air traffic spacing, separation, self-separation.

What is ADS-B?

ADS-B is a worldwide aviation system based on the 1090 MHz band spectrum. An aircraft automatically transmits its identity, precise location, altitude, velocity, and other information to receivers on the ground or in space (on satellites).

The following highlights some of the Flight Statuses that can be tracked and presented by the travel platform.

Flight Status



The flight is not airborne. Departure and arrival times are according to airline's schedule.


The flight will depart or arrive 15 minutes or more after its scheduled time.

  • This could vary depending on the airline and is reliant on such information being provided. If the airline does not provide the data or a delay notice, the flight is still considered on time.


The flight has left the departure gate but may not be airborne yet (off-blocks).


The flight is airborne and may be increasing or decreasing altitude.

  • Applicable only after take-off.


The flight arrived at the destination airport.


The flight has been cancelled (no longer operational).

Flight statuses relating to a Diversion are currently unsupported e.g. Sydney (SYD) to Perth (PER) flight diverted to Adelaide (ADL).


The following are examples of the aforementioned flight statuses and how they are represented in the Trips itinerary.

A grey coloured progress line and aircraft (example below) may be presented for past (historical) flights. This includes any that were booked or flown prior to the availability of the Flight Status product feature.

Upcoming Trips Widget

Information pertaining to a flight segment’s Flight Status, if available, is also presented in the Dashboard’s Upcoming Trips widget.

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