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A "multi-pax" (passenger) indicator, represented as "+x" (e.g. +4), simplifies the process of identifying Trips that involve more than one (1) traveller. This numerical value represents the total count of additional passengers accompanying the primary "lead” traveller. The introduction of the multi-pax indicator will have an impact on the following sections of the platform:

  • Upcoming Trips widget

  • Trips Listing (list & grid views)

  • Itinerary Details

Upcoming Trips widget

Trips Listing

Identifying Trips with multiple passengers is made effortless through the presence of an icon and the clear display of the additional passenger count. For instance, "Mr Sylvester Stallone +4", signifies a Trip with a total of five (5) travellers i.e. Mr Stallone as the lead traveller and an additional four (4) travellers accompanying him.

Itinerary Details

An intuitive hover feature provides comprehensive information about all travellers within a multi-passenger trip.

The multi-passenger indicators will not be utilised in the Care feature, as individual traveller search and listing are essential for Duty of Care and traveller tracking requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, Care messaging (SMS/Email) for each traveller.

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