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User Access Levels: (tick) Traveller | (tick) Travel Arranger (TA) | (tick) Travel Manager (TM) | (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM)

Trips provide travel platform users with a single place to view past, current and future trips (bookings), including those of delegated travellers.

  • Similar to Care, travel alerts and warnings specific to itinerary destinations are integrated.


Trips can be accessed via the Trips option in the Navigation Panel or the Dashboard’s Upcoming Trips widget.

The Upcoming Trips widget option can include date range toggles to allow a quick (date range) filter to be applied (e.g. trips within the next 7 days), as well as View All.

Selecting Trips from the Navigation Panel or View All in the widget will present the Trips landing page. By default, a search of all available itineraries for the current date (today) plus 1 month is performed, with matches displayed.

View - Grid/Table

Search results can be displayed in the Grid or Table view by using the toggle options provided.

The search criteria available can differ depending on the user’s profile type (access level) performing the request.

User Access Levels: (tick) Travel Account Manager (TAM) may only have criteria such as “Traveller Last Name” and “Company” visible.

Trips will search and display only reservations (bookings) with start/end dates that match and are inclusive of the search criteria from/to dates.

Display a Trip

To display a trip, hover the mouse cursor over the desired trip and select it,

Or use the View itinerary icon displayed.

Trip Icons

The icons associated with a Trip in the search results indicate it contains the following segment(s) types:

flight, air segment

accommodation, hotel segment

car rental

bus, ground transportation

train, rail service

Trip Details

Accessing a trip will provide extra info, like flight departure date/time, duration of the flight, hotel address, a link to a hotel’s location using Google maps and more.

Discover more about travel alerts in Care - here.

The following articles are intended to provide additional details about Trips.

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